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Based in the USA, Vortex has been manufacturing top quality motorcycle racing components for over 10 years. Owned and operated by motorcycle racers, Vortex Racing focuses on absolute quality. Each race component is made to the tightest tolerances from the best possible quality materials for the application. We test on the track with direct feedback from the top professional race teams worldwide.

Vortex Racing is the authority on race design and Link International is proud to be associated with such a legendary brand.

Rears made in the USA using the highest quality aluminium

7075 T6 aluminium is the best grade material for light weight and durability. Less rotating weight improves acceleration and allows the suspension to properly do its job.

CNC machined to tightest tolerances

Vortex's unique manufacturing process creates a perfectly concentric sprocket every time which frees horsepower and extends the life of both chain and sprocket. The perfected tooth design has less drag and reduces friction.

Attractive, smart design.

Available for almost every off road bike made in anodised black hardcoat with PTFE for exceptional life or in red, black or blue anodised with machined mud grooves giving a unique, Vortex-patented look.

Nickel steel fronts

Vortex produces a huge range of polished nickel steel front sprockets to perfectly complement your new Vortex rear, maximising performance and drive train life. Link International recommends RK chains to compliment your new Vortex sprockets.