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It began in 1955 when our founder watched a car start up at a crossing and leave behind a large pool of oil on the tarmac. He decided to do something about this waste of energy and the pollution of the environment and started the company ThreeBond.

ThreeBond's products are now used in a wide variety of applications. They are deployed in automobiles and other vehicles, public construction materials, building materials, electric and electronic equipment, and high technologies. We hold the number one position in industrial sealants and adhesives in Japan, and we have won the faithful reliance of our customers.

An all purpose liquid sealant was the Company’s first product and marked the beginning of ThreeBond’s success. Today ThreeBond is truly a fine chemical technology company, whose development has had as its goal the efficient use of energy. ThreeBond, provide our customers with efficient solutions for the problems in development and manufacturing, and produce a variety of fine chemical products to solve their problems.

Liquid Gaskets

Liquid gasket sealants create a more efficient seal between two surfaces due to the additional factor of a bond in conjunction with a seal and high chemical resistance.

RTV silicone liquid gasket designed to be a diverse gasketing solution for engines and gearboxes.

High resistance to temperature,oils ,fuel and coolants
Oxygen Sensor Safe
Non Corrosive
Diverse applications

Threebond high temp silicone liquid gasket products have been tested in extreme conditions on racetracks worldwide with proven results.

Threebond high temp silicone liquid gaskets are utilised by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers such as: Nissan, GM, GMH, Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Daihatsu, Mazda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Isuzu, Cummins, Kubota & Hitachi.